Franz Tost reveals what made Michael Schumacher unique

"This very characteristic was extremely pronounced in Michael."- Tost said.

by Sead Dedovic
Franz Tost reveals what made Michael Schumacher unique
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F1 fans remember the days of Michael Schumacher's dominance with nostalgia. The German marked an era of F1 and left a mark that will be talked about for years ahead. In an interview with Auto Bild, Franz Tost talked about the great Schumacher and the traits that made him a unique person. Namely, Tost primarily emphasized Schumacher's desire to get better and progress. Even when things weren't going in the right direction, Michael knew how to fix them.

“Despite all the talent and vehicle control – in the end, champions are champions because they have the will to keep improving .

And this will is fed by the head.

This very characteristic was extremely pronounced in Michael. 

This also meant that if he was down, he would quickly get back up and come back even stronger.”- Franz Tost said.

Franz Tost on Michael Schumacher's ski accident

Franz Tost thought about how important Michael Schumacher was because news about his ski accident became a big deal. Tost wasn't worried at first because he had gone skiing with Schumacher and knew he was good and careful. 

Franz Tost
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When he found out how serious the accident was, he felt shocked and surprised. Tost said he misses Schumacher, not just as a great racer but mostly as a good person. Schumacher was someone you could talk openly with; he always said what he thought and didn't play games.

This is one of the reasons why many have respect for this once great F1 driver. His charisma, courage and passion for F1 is what characterizes Schumacher. Many hope that his health condition will improve, although there is less and less optimism for that. Faith and hope should never be lost, Schumacher's F1 career can be the best example for us!

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