Daniel Ricciardo decided to change his habits

“I’ve definitely cut back on a lot of things, let’s say, outside of racing, for sure."

by Sead Dedovic
Daniel Ricciardo decided to change his habits
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Daniel Ricciardo emphasized that he decided to change his priority in life after becoming part of AlphaTauri. This great F1 driver realized that it was necessary to make certain changes in order to become the best version of himself. He spends most of his time in the gym, but he is also aware of how important recovery is. Many things need to be changed in order to move in a positive direction.

“I’ve definitely cut back on a lot of things, let’s say, outside of racing, for sure. I still have some other interests outside of the sport, which I’m involved in, and I enjoy, but I’ve minimised a lot.

I’m really just trying to, I think, make sure that… I think it always has been, but to obviously make the racing the priority. 

With the calendar now and the schedule, if I’ve got some time off, then I’m either in the gym or I’m putting my feet up and recovering for the next race.”- Ricciardo said, as quoted by crash.net!

Daniel Ricciardo reacts

Daniel Ricciardo talked about how he started to focus on things beyond racing. He mentioned that the sport is growing fast, offering many exciting opportunities. But during his time off at the start of the year, he realized he might have been doing too much and not looking after his body and recovery properly. In short, he's trying to take better care of himself among all the exciting things happening in racing.

Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo
Christian Horner and Daniel Ricciardo© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

The great F1 driver knew that sometimes it is necessary to change the focus in order to achieve his goal. His goal is to secure a place in Red Bull. This will only work if he makes positive results in AlphaTauri. Time will best tell how much Ricciardo can do at this point.

Daniel Ricciardo