Ecclestone Surprises F1 with Support for Hamilton's Eighth Title

Former Formula 1 boss Ecclestone, who is 93, says he has a great desire to see the British driver with another championship title

by Sededin Dedovic
Ecclestone Surprises F1 with Support for Hamilton's Eighth Title
© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Bernie Ecclestone, the former boss of Formula 1, expressed his burning desire to see Lewis Hamilton as champion again. This news surprised experienced F1 fans who well remember the bad relationship between these two in earlier years.

And the unexpected support came despite renewed recent clashes between the two, which makes it all the more intriguing. Ecclestone, now 93, revealed his desire for Hamilton's eighth title in a recent interview, saying: "I hope he wins an eighth title.

It would go down in history. " The sentiment is in stark contrast to their previous heated exchanges, notably in 2022 when Hamilton criticized Ecclestone for defending Nelson Piquet's racially charged remarks. At the time, Hamilton labeled Ecclestone and others as "outdated influences" and made some truly dramatic and shocking claims.

Ecclestone appreciates Hamilton's contribution to the sport

Despite their troubled past, Ecclestone's support is a result of his recognition of Hamilton's exceptional talent and his contribution to the sport. Hamilton, tied with Michael Schumacher for seven championships, is one of F1's most decorated drivers, with 103 career wins and is a living and active F1 legend.

However, the past two seasons have seen him winless, which worries many, surprisingly Ecclestone too.

Eighth title and GOAT recognition

The former F1 boss seems to believe an eighth title for Hamilton will cement his legacy as the true GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of Formula 1.

It would elevate him above Schumacher, the Ecclestone driver who Ecclestone himself helped bring to F1 glory. With Max Verstappen's current dominance at Red Bull, Hamilton's way into history is far from certain as the Dutchman is definitely the most dominant driver today.

However, there is still belief in the seven-time champion's ability to defy the odds and rewrite the record books. The prospect of Hamilton, fueled by personal determination and unlikely fan support, chasing an eighth championship promises to be an exciting season ahead in a few months' time.

Whether this will be the season when Hamilton will finally surpass that figure of 8 victories and make history is ahead of us.