Can He Keep it Up? The Challenges of a 24-Race Season for Fernando Alonso

It seems reasonable that the intense schedule could affect the Spaniard because of several sprint race weekends in 2024

by Sededin Dedovic
Can He Keep it Up? The Challenges of a 24-Race Season for Fernando Alonso
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Fernando Alonso's move from Alpine to Aston Martin surprised all Formula 1 fans. Going from a promising 4th place team to a team that was 7th felt like a risky career move, bordering on potential retirement. Yet just a few months later, Alonso vindicated his decision, his podium finish in Bahrain and consistent top-five performances reshaping the narrative.

Was this move a gamble or a stroke of genius? While Alpine offered a shorter deal, Aston Martin secured Alonso's signature on a multi-year deal, aligning with his desire for long-term stability. The driver himself said that he wanted to compete for a long time and openly asked for a longer contract in Alpina, but after that did not happen, he will continue his career in Aston Martin.

He claims he still has unwavering faith in his championship potential, and the results have proven him right. Aston Martin's impressive car development over the winter unlocked Alonso's talent, transforming him into a podium finisher in his first season with the new team.

42 years is not an obstacle

Age, often a cruel factor in motorsport, doesn't seem to be slowing down Alonso. His performance remains remarkably consistent, but the veteran driver acknowledges the demanding nature of the season: "I'll see what it's like to drive 24 races.

If I feel I can no longer deliver what I expect of myself, I'll be the first to leave. " With the added intensity of several sprint race weekends introduced recently, Alonso's self-imposed assessment will be key. Managing fatigue and maintaining peak performance through an extended schedule will be a new challenge for the 42-year-old.

But he confirmed that he feels good and that he is very motivated and confident in himself. Alonso's partnership with Aston Martin has huge potential. He is the driver who pushes the team forward, and the team gave him a car capable of fighting for podiums.

Although it is a very old age for motorsports due to slower reflexes, no one will be surprised by Alonso's victory at one of the GPs next season.

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