Kvyat hopes to return to F1 2022 - ‘I’m better than ever’

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Kvyat hopes to return to F1 2022 - ‘I’m better than ever’

Daniil Kvyat believes he is currently a better driver than he has ever been and hopes to return to Formula 1 in 2022 ahead of a major rule change when teams will need more experienced drivers. Kvyat made his Formula 1 debut in 2014 at Toro Rosso, and after a very good first season, he moved to Red Bull in 2015 where he scored more points than teammate Ricciardo.

But things went downhill after several incidents in early 2016, including clashes with Vettel in Russia, after which Red Bull from the Spanish GP replaced him with Verstappen, an upcoming young star from Toro Rosso. Kvyat went and came to Toro Rosso several more times, which has been called AlphaTauri since 2020, and this year he was overshadowed by teammate Gasly who secured a place in the team for 2021 while Kvyat will be replaced by third-placed Formula 2 Japanese Tsunoda.

“Ideally, I would go back to 2022 because there will be new rules and teams will need experience,” Kvyat said.


“I guarantee you that experience is quite important, especially with the new rules.

I will do my best to come back because I feel I still have a lot to give to this sport. ” “Of course his [Gasly’s] victory overshadowed all the good I’ve done this year, but that’s normal,” he commented on the balance of power with teammate 2020.

“He did a fantastic race, but I generally think I’m a much more complete driver now. Even when the pressure around my future is very high, I still manage to give 100% of what was my problem before. ” “I think my F1 career was developing extremely fast, after my first leg in F1 I didn’t even understand what happened.

I arrived in F1 after the GP3 series, jumped the stairs, arrived in Toro Rosso where I had a good year and was immediately promoted to Red Bull. ” “Then I also had a good season at Red Bull before what happened.

Then I had some difficult years. ” “I think I’ve always lacked some experience in F1 because it all happened so fast. And when I came back in 2019, I had a different approach. It's not that I forgot everything I did, but I started from a clean sheet of paper, somewhat like a novice.

" "After that, I was able to learn a lot of new things and make a lot of progress." “I am now a much more complete driver and I feel ready to drive at a high level all the time. If I got a chance with a top team now, it would be a different story. ”