Oscar Piastri: Refusing to be an F1 pushover

"I guess I always try and race people hard, but fair."- Piastri said.

by Sead Dedovic
Oscar Piastri: Refusing to be an F1 pushover
© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Oscar Piastri impressed many in his debut season, showing that he will cause huge problems even for the more experienced. Although many were suspicious of Piastri, he managed to calm the critics and show that he has a great future ahead of him. In an interview with Motorsport, Piastri revealed whether he thinks he was underestimated by his colleagues;

“Not so much,” Piastri said, as quoted by motorsport.com

His goal was to show everyone that he is a serious driver from the very beginning of his career. When you show attitude right from the start, others will certainly respect you more and look at you differently.

“Of course, there's an element of respect and I guess racing people how you want to be raced in some ways. I guess I always try and race people hard, but fair.  

At the beginning of the season or beginning of your career, it's always important to show it to people that you're not a pushover because it's not a nice thing to have.” 

Oscar Piastri on his junior days

Oscar Piastri talked about how, during his earlier racing years, he focused on being consistent and avoiding trouble to win championships.  Obviously, aggressiveness is not a characteristic of this driver. His mindset is something special.

He mentioned that it's sometimes more important to finish the race, even if it means making a mistake, rather than risking not finishing by being too aggressive. Many individuals within F1 would have a lot to learn from this young driver.

Oscar tries to race hard but fairly, keeping this mindset as an essential part of his racing approach.

F1 experts predict a great future for this driver. Looking at his debut season, we can't help but think that Oscar has the capacity for great things, even winning the championship in the future.

Oscar Piastri