George Russell on the biggest mistake of the Mercedes team last season

"I think last year it was all a little bit rushed."- Russell said.

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell on the biggest mistake of the Mercedes team last season
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The Mercedes team does not want to make the same mistakes from season to season. The goal for the next season is to make huge progress, and even compete for the championship. Even though they know how difficult this task is, the leaders of Mercedes know that they certainly have the capacity for great things. George Russell, the driver of Mercedes, believes that his team made a mistake last season. It seems that they wanted to find a solution quickly.

"I think last year it was all a little bit rushed. We didn't have all the information to hand, we may have jumped to a couple of conclusions without thoroughly going through the consequences.

And we learned when the car hit the ground this year that we made a step forward in some regards, but it came with a lot of baggage and we hadn't taken that into consideration. So, I think we've done a great job to truly understand what we need."- Russell said, as quoted by MIRROR!

George Russell on the car and last year

Russell shared that they've learned a lot about their car's performance in the past year. He admitted that last year, they focused too much on one strategy that didn't work well.  The following season will be an opportunity for them to change their attitude.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell© Clive Rose / Getty Images Sport

George mentioned the big gap they need to close, stressing how dominant Red Bull was in 2023, saying it might be the most dominant car ever in Formula 1 history. Russell knows it's a tough challenge for his team and others like McLaren, Aston Martin, and Ferrari.

He said they're going into the next year with an open mind, believing that while no one expects immediate major improvements, they're confident they won't make the same mistakes again. 

Looking at their past and everything they have achieved on the F1 scene, no one doubts that Mercedes really has the qualities for great things. It is also a fact that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are drivers who can make a big step forward this season and achieve great success!

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