Ecclestone on Hamilton's potential 8th title: He compared Verstappen to Schumacher

Ecclestone hopes that Hamilton could win an 8th title

by Sead Dedovic
Ecclestone on Hamilton's potential 8th title: He compared Verstappen to Schumacher
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Everyone's expecting big things from Lewis Hamilton in the current year. He's been the top racer for a long time, but now Max Verstappen is giving him a real challenge. Lewis has a tough job ahead; Trying to beat Max! When we look at how well Red Bull is doing and the problems Mercedes is having, it's hard to feel very hopeful. But some people, like Bernie Ecclestone, think Lewis Hamilton can do amazing things. Bernie wants Lewis to win an 8th title, to prove he's an incredible racer. Lewis Hamilton is currently tied with Michael Schumacher, given that both have won seven titles.

"I hope he makes it,” Ecclestone said on Sky Sports.

“He would then make history.”

Ecclestone, as an experienced person on the F1 scene, compared Max Verstappen and Michael Schumacher. Ecclestone sees many similarities between Schumacher and Verstappen. However, there is one aspect in which the Dutchman differs from Michael.

Michael Schumacher with Bernie Ecclestone
Michael Schumacher with Bernie Ecclestone© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

“Max Verstappen has a bit of [Schumacher] in him.

Max isn't as merciless as Michael was.

Because Michael didn't even think about making compromises." 

Max Verstappen on Michael Schumacher

Max Verstappen talked about Michael Schumacher winning seven titles, which is a lot! He mentions how hard it is to compare racers from different times because every generation is unique.  F1 fans, especially the older ones, see many differences between today's drivers and those of the past. Although F1 has progressed, there are still many who enjoyed the old era of this motorsport more.
Max thinks it's tough to compare different world champions or even those who didn't win championships. He stressed that looking back at what Schumacher did is amazing because, at that time, it might have seemed more normal since Schumacher and his team were so good. But now, when we think about it, it's truly incredible what Schumacher achieved.