Christian Horner is fearful of F1 competitors in the upcoming season

“We’re fully expecting Ferrari or Mercedes or even Aston Martin to be contenders.”

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner is fearful of F1 competitors in the upcoming season
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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has interesting plans for the next season. Looking at all that they have achieved in previous years, no one doubts that this team has the capacity for great things in the future. Although he has already emphasized several times that it is difficult to repeat the season they had, Horner hopes that his team can still win the championship. Winning the championship does not have to be in dominant way. Christian is aware that many teams next season will have more motivation to match Red Bull. The fact is that many fear Red Bull and Max Verstappen. However, Horner also fears others, given that he is aware of how motivated teams are to dethrone them. One such team is Ferrari. 

Looking at the past and all that Ferrari has achieved, it is natural to be cautious and follow their progress. After several unsuccessful seasons, Ferrari is motivated to finally turn things around on the F1 scene and try to establish dominance. Such a goal seems unrealistic to many, but Ferrari can certainly do great things.

"Ferrari is a different type of team, a national team. There is a pressure which comes with that and the Italian media is absolutely brutal and scrutinise every move. 

There is just a huge expectation. Fred [Vasseur] is a capable guy and a racer and Ferrari are a big animal in F1. Expectation will be very high for them next year."- Christian Horner said, as quoted by!

McLaren also poses a huge threat to all teams. Their ambitions grow from year to year, and they do not intend to stop on the way to their goals. And last season they showed that they can do great things. Horner noticed this immediately and knew from whom he was in the greatest danger. Precisely because of this, the Red Bull leaders are cautious and will have an eye on McLaren.

Ambitions will remain to strengthen the team in the seasons ahead. Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri showed how dangerous they are to their opponents. Watching their performances, one could feel great progress. This progress could be even greater next season.

"I think McLaren had a great second half of the year. There were times when they were our closest competitor. 

They have strengthened their team and Rob will be an asset, but it's not just about one person. There are seven or eight hundred people in an F1 team and it needs the whole team to come together. 

With Lando [Norris] and Oscar [Piastri] - who was really impressive as a debutant - they could well be a factor next year.”

Horner is optimistic about the next season, but at the same time he is aware of the danger that comes to him from other teams.

“We're probably closer to the top of the development curve already,” he added. “We’re fully expecting Ferrari or Mercedes or even Aston Martin to be contenders.”

Christian Horner talked about Sergio Perez's recent performances. He mentioned observing a positive change or "reset" in Perez's performance in the last few races. Horner stresse Perez's strong pace during the Abu Dhabi weekend when analyzing the data, indicating that Perez had shown impressive speed during that time. However, Horner highlighted the need for Perez to improve his performance.

Christian Horner and Sergio Perez
Christian Horner and Sergio Perez© Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

Many wonder if Sergio Perez will remain part of the team in the future. It is very difficult to prejudge what the future holds, and whether the Mexican can fix things. 

His performances did not completely satisfy the Red Bull leaders. The Mexican will have the opportunity to fix things in the future. Such a thing will require maximum focus and confidence. It was obvious that the Mexican lacked confidence in many races during the last season. This is a strong aspect that he must work on if he really wants to remain part of the team. In addition, ie xpert fans emphasize that it is not easy to have great results when you have a driver like Max Verstappen next to you.

When Christian Horner talked about Max Verstappen's racing in 2023, he had only words of praise for the Dutchman. He thinks Max is great at quickly adjusting to different situations on the track. Whether it's rainy or sunny or even during practice, Max is good at driving his car. He doesn't just want to win races, he wants to crush the competition. This makes everyone on his team work extra hard because they want to help him achieve his goals. 

Max Verstappen

This does not surprise anyone, considering that Horner has put the accent on Max Verstappen and his successes on the F1 scene many times before. Having such a quality driver makes it much easier for you to achieve your goals. Red Bull has a good feeling about him regarding the future, and they are ready to break many records. The Dutchman wants to achieve great success with Red Bull.

The Dutchman emphasized that he wants to achieve great success in the coming season, although he is aware that he will have a difficult task ahead of him, looking at the competition and also the desire of other teams to make a great result.

Max Verstappen recently talked about his desires for the future. He mentioned that winning would have been nice, but he was very focused on what was ahead at that time. He is hopeful that in the following year, they will have a competitive car again, enabling them to continue their momentum and win more races.

We are looking forward to the next season, as everyone is eager to see Max Verstappen again. The question is whether he can repeat his great season. His motivation and passion are something special, but drivers also have a huge motivation and passion to spoil his plans.

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