'Fernando Alonso made the most of his car's potential, looked like a 20-year-old'

"The result in Brazil, that battle with Checo, he outfoxed Checo."

by Sead Dedovic
'Fernando Alonso made the most of his car's potential, looked like a 20-year-old'
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Fernando Alonso keeps impressing everyone year after year. Even though he's 42, this amazing Spaniard performs as if he's in his 20s and has big plans for the next season. Fans admire him a lot for what he's achieved in F1 and how, despite being older, he's still one of the best in the sport. Sky Sports F1 expert Karun Chandhok made an interesting analysis on the podcast. Chandhok looked at the cars used by F1 drivers and talked about who got the most out of their car. According to his study, Chandhok thinks Alonso got the most out of his car compared to other drivers.

“So, for me, I think that’s where Fernando scores. He absolutely maximises the potential of that car. They started the season very strongly. On average, in the first part of the year until Spain, the Aston was about .5 of a percent away from the Red Bull and that’s a huge gain.”- he said, as quoted by crash.net!

The fact is that Aston Martin did not have a constant during the season, especially in the middle part. Despite all that, Alonso managed to show great performances in continuity and show that he is a person who knows how to cope even in difficult times. The Spaniard is known as someone who never gives up and believes that he can persevere until the very end. Alonso is especially motivated when everyone doubts him. Right then, the Spaniard is ready to show his best.

"There’s lots of conversations around the front wing regulations and things like that maybe having affected them, I don’t know, but certainly if you look at the stats from Spain onwards, average qualifying data slips to .867%,," he continued.

Karun Chandhok reflected on those great and weaker performances of Alonso during the season. In moments when many did not expect Alonso to excel, it was precisely in those moments that he had the most motivation to show his quality.

“So there’s a substantial shift, pre Spain versus post Spain, but still Fernando had races like in Holland, for example, when the rain came down, and this is a sniff of an opportunity for some creative thinking and strategic thinking and just having your wits about you. He was there on the podium."

The Sky Sports pundit also recalled the fight between Alonso and Perez in Brazil. Incredibly, Fernando does not plan to give up at any moment, even when many believe that he has no absolute chance. F1 fans believe that there are fewer and fewer drivers of such a profile who primarily feel love for this sport and that is what motivates them the most to be part of F1.

Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso
Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso© Dan Istitene / Getty Images Sport

“The result in Brazil, that battle with Checo, he outfoxed Checo. I think those drives just show he’s still got the energy of a 22-year-old not a 42-year-old. For me. It was an outstanding season.”

Fernando Alonso shared that your age, whether 41 or 25, doesn't cause a big difference in your driving abilities. He said the real changes are in your mindset, motivation, and how you tackle race weekends. When you're motivated at that age, then it's clear how passionate they are about F1.

Alonso also mentioned that teams now value experience more, referring to Daniel's move to AlphaTauri as an example. He emphasized that being fast isn't just about being young; it's about performing well regardless of age. 

Fernando Alonso loves his job and hopes for a car that could help him compete for the championship. He sees potential in Aston Martin in a few years, which matters as he's not getting any younger. Alonso aims to seize even a small chance at winning the championship again and is open to contributing to the team in other ways if needed. He finds satisfaction in building a team and is motivated to join and succeed in a new project.

Aston Martin's potential

It is difficult to predict how much potential Aston Martin has at the moment, and whether they can win the championship in the future, but it is clear that they have motivated drivers and that they want to achieve great results, especially in the next season. Although F1 fans are not optimistic and this team has the potential for some bigger things, things could change crucially in the coming period. When you have drivers like Alonso in the team, then you have to believe in what many do not believe. The comments of others and the doubts of others can be your biggest motivation to achieve success. Many are looking forward and excited about the next season. It is difficult to predict who could establish dominance, and whether Aston Martin really has the strength to go to the very end.

Fernando Alonso never had a doubt that his team could win the championship. The leaders and engineers of this team are doing their best to thank the Spaniard for what he has done for the team so far. If they give him a car that has the potential for something big, we have no doubt that Fernando can surprise everyone and make a big success for the team!