Enduring Love: Corrina Schumacher's Sacrifice in Michael's Battle

Why Schumacher's wife has been hiding the condition of the legendary athlete for 10 years

by Sededin Dedovic
Enduring Love: Corrina Schumacher's Sacrifice in Michael's Battle
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Some 10 years ago, on December 29, 2013, the world was shaken by the news of the serious skiing accident of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher in the French resort of Meribel. While enjoying an off-piste skiing excursion, Schumacher collided with a rock, causing severe head injuries despite wearing a helmet.

He was rushed to hospital, underwent two major surgeries and ended up going into a medically induced coma for six months to deal with brain swelling. After emerging from a coma in 2014, Schumacher was transferred to a hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, before finally returning home to Lake Geneva after a challenging 250 days.

In the years that followed, the family kept Schumacher's condition under wraps, making minimal public statements.

The wife devoted her life to the recovery of her husband

His wife Corina spoke briefly about the ordeal, emphasizing the family's unity and commitment to his well-being.

"We're together, we live together at home. We're doing therapy, we're doing everything we can to make Michael better and comfortable, and just feel our family, our connection. We miss him a lot, but he's still here," she said.

is then 52-year-old Korina, Schumacher's wife, who described this accident as something she could never even dream of in her worst nightmare. Despite the veil of secrecy surrounding Schumacher's health, pieces of information have surfaced, pointing to paralysis and memory problems.

"He is paralyzed and has problems with his memory," one of his friends admitted. However, in a documentary for Netflix, Corina explained why she refrains from revealing specific details: "We are trying to continue as a family the way Michael loved and still does, and to continue with our lives.

It is very important to me that he can continue to enjoy his private life as much as possible." Recently, Michael's brother, Ralf Schumacher, hinted at the grim reality that Michael may never fully recover. In a poignant statement to the Daily Mail, Ralph expressed the profound impact of the tragic accident, saying: "Nothing is ever the same.

Life is unfair sometimes. " Schumacher's wife is proof of the family's unwavering commitment to protecting the privacy of their loved one in the face of enormous challenges, even though in this case it is perhaps the greatest Formula 1 legend of all time.