Lewis Hamilton shares his goals for the upcoming year

Lewis Hamilton has interesting goals for 2024

by Sead Dedovic
 Lewis Hamilton shares his goals for the upcoming year
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Lewis Hamilton is a driver from whom great things are expected next season, given that he has not been able to achieve his goals for several seasons. This time, the Briton wants to make a 'turning point' in his career and finally start on the right path. Of course, the desire will be to win the championship, but the question is how realistic is that at this moment? The Mercedes team wants to stop the dominance of Red Bull, which has been going on for seasons. They are aware that they have to take certain steps if they really want to succeed in their intentions. When you have drivers like Hamilton on your team, you certainly have a good chance. It is necessary to provide a car that can ensure the Briton becomes a champion. The new F1 car concept will certainly help Mercedes to move in the right direction. In an interview with the media, Lewis Hamilton talked about what his main motivation is to be part of F1. Being on the podium is clearly what keeps Hamilton motivated.

“It's the dream of standing on the top step, seeing your team. One of the most amazing things is being able to look back and having the flag of the nation rising behind you, and seeing the team."-he said, as quoted by crash.net!

Despite everything that happened, Hamilton remembers with nostalgia the first days in Mercedes and the moment when he found himself on the podium. These are moments that he will never forget and that will forever be engraved in his memory. Only a driver like Lewis Hamilton can have such great seasons in Mercedes. However, every domination must sometimes have its end, and so does his.

“I remember the first win I had with this team. I have a particular picture of 2015 in Australia with the [team] down there in tears – it was just amazing to be a part of that. The power of that is a huge part of the drive. Winning the world championship is a huge part of the drive. "

Although the Briton was unlucky in many races in previous seasons, he does not want to lose confidence. He is aware that Mercedes has the potential and quality for great things. They have shown this many times in the past. When you have such a great team behind you that supports you and believes in you, then nothing is impossible. From the first day of his career, the Briton had strong support from the head of Mercedes. He returned it to them in the best way.

“Continuing to build with the team on the impact work we're doing, and continuing to push with the team with Mission 44. I don't know how far that can go and I'm trying to expand it, and that means I've got to raise more money.”

Toto Wolff and his impact

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has supported Hamilton countless times in his career, even when it seemed that the Briton had no chance of success. Wolff understands the importance of Hamilton to the team. His experience and quality have always been crucial on the way to success. However, it is necessary to provide a driver of such a profile with a car that really has the capacity. If you don't have a car with which you can move towards your goal, then it is impossible to achieve success, regardless of your quality. Toto Wolff knows this well. Precisely for this reason, Wolff emphasized at the end of last season that it was necessary to provide a car for Hamilton so that he could reach his goal.  

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton
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Mercedes fans hope that this team can give Hamilton what he needs. It's been a long time since his last title. Few could have expected that things would unfold in such a way. However, the leaders of Mercedes are motivated like never before to dethrone Red Bull and Max Verstappen.

Toto Wolff thinks if Lewis Hamilton had a better car, he'd definitely compete for the World Championship. Wolff says Formula 1 is tough because even with a great car, performance varies from race to race with both successes and setbacks.

Toto Wolff stressed Lewis Hamilton excels when he's aiming to win and has someone to challenge ahead. Wolff believes Mercedes should give Hamilton those chances to bring out his best.

The next season will bring a lot of excitement. The Red Bull team has already pointed out many times that they are afraid of other teams, who will certainly work hard to improve. The greatest danger could come from McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes. However, it is too early to make any predictions. Time will best show which team has the potential to become champion. Fans think it will be Red Bull, but let's wait.

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal expects a much tougher season than the previous one. Red Bull had absolute dominance, but the question is whether they can  continue like that in the future. When you have drivers like Max Verstappen in your team, you certainly have the right to believe in the team and hope for the best.

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