Johnny Herbert's Warning: Why Lando Norris Should Stay Put at McLaren

Rumors are getting louder that the young McLaren driver could join the team of the champion Red Bull

by Sededin Dedovic
Johnny Herbert's Warning: Why Lando Norris Should Stay Put at McLaren
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Rumors are circulating within the Formula 1 community that McLaren's young prodigy, Lando Norris, may be considering a move to the Red Bull championship team as Sergio Perez's contract with Red Bull expires in 2024. This news was already circulating in the F1 world towards the end of last season, but the news was denied by sides of the McLaren team.

As speculation mounts, former F1 driver Johnny Herbert is skeptical about the wisdom of such a move. Herbert believes Norris' potential move to Red Bull may not be the wisest decision, despite the appeal of joining a championship-winning team.

As Red Bull explore alternative options with Perez's contract expiring, Norris is emerging as a viable candidate. Red Bull sees him as the leader of their team in the future, although no one has yet officially declared that they want Norris.

However, Herbert claims that from a driver's perspective, Norris already enjoys a favorable position at McLaren, a team that values his contribution and where he is achieving commendable results. "If we look at it only from the driver's point of view, you always try what you can benefit from.

Is there a risk that Norris goes to Red Bull and finds himself in that situation? McLaren is doing well, McLaren likes to have him in the team. He gets results as the car works as it should. Is it worth the risk? Personally, I don't think it's worth the risk," comments Herbert.

Norris should enjoy the current team

With Norris signed to McLaren until the end of 2025, Herbert suggests the young driver should continue on his current trajectory. "He is young and he will be even better, he will improve, and considering the trajectory of McLaren next year, he will be in an even stronger position.

We will have to wait for the decision, but I don't see why we should complicate his life when he is currently in a really good position," concludes Herbert. As the Formula 1 community waits for a decision, speculation surrounding Norris' potential move to Red Bull adds an intriguing dynamic to the upcoming season.

We will see soon whether the young driver of McLaren will decide to change or if he will continue his promising path with the McLaren team. In the end, it will be his decision, although the advice of more experienced drivers will certainly help young Norris to make the best decision for his career.

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