Christian Horner praises his colleague who moved to McLaren

Rob Marshall has left Red Bull and will be part of McLaren

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner praises his colleague who moved to McLaren
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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner never hesitated to praise his colleagues in whom he sees potential and after he's sure about their quality. One of them is Rob Marshall. It was Marshall who was part of Red Bull's design team for 17 years. A man who knows the F1 scene like no other, will have the opportunity to continue his career at McLaren starting next year. Marshall is stepping into the position of 'Technical Director, Engineering & Design' at McLaren. During one of the interviews, Horner primarily praised the McLaren team, which has enormous potential. The fact is that sometimes things do not go perfectly for them, but with the engagement of such people, optimism exists within the team.

Rob Marshall
Rob Marshall© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

“McLaren had a great second half of the year,” Horner told Sky Sports F1, as reported by planet!

“I mean, there were times they were very, very competitive – our closest competitor at times during the second half of the season, and they’ve strengthened their team, Rob will for sure be an asset."

Christian Horner and his predictions

Horner has emphasized many times so far that other teams will be motivated like never before to dethrone Red Bull. Christian believes that McLaren could be the team that will compete for high positions on the F1 scene. Looking at their drivers, Horner believes that the future of this team is certainly bright.

“But with Lando and Oscar, who was really impressive as a debutante this year, I think they could well be a factor next year."

Christian Horner emphasized that due to stable regulations, teams will experience diminishing returns in development. He indicates that the level of development achieved by certain teams might be nearing the peak, causing convergence among competitors. The Red Bull team will not give up easily and allow other teams to establish dominance. Many believe that Red Bull will compete for the championship and be the favorite in the next season as well.

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