Horner o 2021:" We need a car that will compete on all tracks"

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Horner o 2021:" We need a car that will compete on all tracks"

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes his team must make a strong car next season in all areas if they want to challenge Mercedes for the championship titles. Red Bull had a solid season in which they convincingly finished second in the constructors ’standings.

However, it is questionable how much they can attribute this to the quality of this year's RB16, and how much to the lion's share of Max Verstappen, who won 214 of Red Bull's 319 points. Also, the team based in Milton Keynes was certainly helped by the fact that the direct rival, Ferrari, fell from second to sixth place in the constructors' standings.

The four-time design champion is aware of the shortcomings of the car from this year and plans to make progress in aerodynamics ahead of next year. Horner says the team is pleased with the progress throughout the season, which they finished with 37 points at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and with a Verstappen victory

Car improving

Horner believes in his team and it seems that the whole team has worked hard to improve their car and to achieve better results next season.

The job is taken seriously and it remains to be seen how his team will cope and whether the car is really much better than it was the case. “I believe we have significantly improved the car,” Horner comments on developments during 2020.

"We understood what the problem was and I think that I hope, those problems will be removed this winter. We need a car that will perform well on different tracks, like a Mercedes. We need to be strong in that next year.

We have to be good on all the tracks in the calendar that has 23 races. ” He is happy for the victory in Abu Dhabi, which will affect their self-confidence and which will help them in the future. "We are very encouraged to win on a track like Abu Dhabi, especially on the eve of the winter break."

Due to the changed regulations due to the coronavirus, the work on the chassis for 2021 was frozen, but the teams were still allowed to progress in aerodynamics using development tokens. Red Bull expects to carry just 60% of this year’s car in 2021, and the team’s main goal is to start the season strongly so they don’t have to make up for the backlog over the year..