Yuki Tsunoda: Attacking style is the style I prefer

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Yuki Tsunoda: Attacking style is the style I prefer

Yuki Tsunoda is preparing for his debut season in Formula 1 with AlphaTauri, and he also has a plan to win the hearts of fans… Since 2014, there have been no Japanese drivers in Formula 1. That bad era for pilots from the land of the rising sun ends with the first race in 2021 as Yuki Tsunoda, a 20-year-old who was joined by AlphaTauri by Pierre Gasly will be at the start.

In his only season in Formula 2, Yuki took third place overall and won three races. He is determined to leave a good impression in Formula 1 as well, and he already knows how he will try to win the sympathy of the fans.

Attacking style

“My strong point is the attacking driving style and I am convinced that people who watch me will be impressed by it.

I'm a rookie, so in the first half of the season I want to put the emphasis on attacking style, so where does that take me, even if I'm wrong. " “My teammate has a lot of experience so I want to absorb as much from him as possible and see where my potential will take me.

In the second part of the season, I want to use everything I have learned and progress with each race, ”said the ambitious Tsunoda. He is especially excited about the Grand Prix of Japan, which should return to Formula 1 next season.

Holding the race this year was not possible due to the pandemic. Yuki remembers watching Lewis Hamilton on a Suzuki when he was seven or eight and hopes he too will leave a good impression on a new generation of fans. “It was hard this year, but the Japan Grand Prix will be back at Suzuka next year and I would love for the fans to come to watch that race.

Overtaking is my strong point and I would like people to come and see it, ”said the first Formula 1 driver born in 2000. Tsunoda's career has taken a very steep upward trajectory in recent years. He only drove one season in Formula 3 and then only one in Formula 2 and you have already secured a place in the elite class.

Let’s just wish he didn’t experience a steep fall as well, as has already happened to some Red Bull talents. He will now have a great opportunity to show his talent and he seems to be full of confidence