Valtteri Bottas honest about the adventure in Merecedes and his fears

"It was quite open meetings. Everything is based on facts."

by Sead Dedovic
Valtteri Bottas honest about the adventure in Merecedes and his fears
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Valtteri Bottas spent a great five years at Mercedes, although many believe that his adventure could have been much better. When you have Lewis Hamilton as a teammate, it is certainly not easy to achieve your goals. The Finn was convinced of that right from the start. It was clear that Hamilton had a leadership role, and that the leaders of Mercedes gave him an advantage over Bottas.

"You have to be in denial. I was in denial for almost five years because every year, I wanted to get back to the season and then fight for the title and I had to believe in myself."- he said, as quoted by!

Valtteri Bottas reflected on his departure from Mercedes, admitting that he became more comfortable with certain aspects only after knowing he was leaving the team. He emphasized struggling to beat Lewis Hamilton over a full season in equal car, accepting that Hamilton might be superior in certain areas. In those years, the Briton was unstoppable for many. Although some teams wanted to prevent his dominance, they did not succeed, until Red Bull found a great recipe!

Mercedes meetings

Meetings in the Mercedes team were open. The leaders of Mercedes were honest with Bottas and emphasized what they wanted from him. It was up to him to live up to expectations or to accept things as they were.

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton
Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

"It was quite open meetings. Everything is based on facts and what they can see through the data on those things. You could see the average difference in qualifying or race pace. Nothing was avoided."

Valtteri Bottas expressed no regrets about his time at Mercedes, stressing the challenge of being on annual contracts and realizing that to contend for the championship, he needed to be fully committed to the team. Bottas sometimes had no other option but to accept things as they are.

Valtteri Bottas