David Coulthard rejected Ferrari's offer because of an ultimatum


David Coulthard rejected Ferrari's offer because of an ultimatum
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Speaking to the Formula for Success podcast, David Coulthard revealed that he had a conversation with Jean Todt during his F1 career. Coulthard could have been hired as the new Ferrari driver. However, Coulthard did not agree with the demands of the Ferrari managers, and he decided to reject such an offer.

“I did. I met with Jean Todt in Paris in his apartment, to talk about the potential to drive for Ferrari. 

And my recollection of the contract offered was basically a number two contract, which, despite whatever anyone can now conclude about my career, at that time, I still felt that I wasn’t going to sign anything other than equal opportunity.

And so essentially, if I was running fourth and Michael was fifth, then I had to move over and all the way right up to if I was leading. And I just couldn’t agree to signing to that.”- Coulthard said, as quoted by crash.net!

David Coulthard on Ron Dennis

He did not forget to thank Ron Dennis, who was an important person in his career. Coulthard had a great career at McLaren and they helped him develop as a driver. From the first day, he had the trust of the leader of this team. When you have freedom and confidence, then the chances of you fulfilling your potential are great.

"And all credit to Ron [Dennis] and McLaren, the contract they offered me was always equal opportunity.

And although there was a clause that said you had to accept the instructions of the team principal, in whatever circumstance it might be, largely speaking, I was given a fair and equal opportunity to crack on and try and see how good I could develop my skills. 

So that was the only team really I spoke to during my nine years at McLaren.”