Martin Brundle on Lewis Hamilton's Plan B


Martin Brundle on Lewis Hamilton's Plan B
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Lewis Hamilton wants to fix things and finally fight for the championship this season. Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle commented on Hamilton and the goals he will surely have. Brundle believes that the Brit already has a plan B if he sees that he cannot compete for the championship.

“I think if Lewis senses that the eighth title is unachievable in a reasonable time frame, he’ll be thinking of Plan B,” said Brundle, as quoted by!

“It depends if Lewis maintains his current motivation, but it’s so close to call.”

Martin Brundle on Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell want to do big things next season. Both drivers are motivated to finally get Mercedes back where they belong.  As Red Bull continues to dominate, their rivals seem worried, scrambling to find solutions fast. Brundle compared these two great drivers. On the one hand, we have Russell who is young and hungry for success. On the other hand, we have the experienced Lewis Hamilton who has achieved great things in his career. There are many positive things about both of them.

“I think they’re so close, those two, if you look at the stats, but George had a couple of nightmare races this year. That’s a very good question,” Brundle continued.

“Lewis knows how to do that but George has got youth on his side. I don’t know the answer to that, but I definitely wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, Lewis without a doubt, because he’s already a seven-time champion.’ That I would absolutely not say.

Until George is in a championship-winning position, we don’t know if he’s got the head to cope with it.”

It is still early to judge what the future holds, but it is certain that both drivers have quality. Next season could be an opportunity, especially for Russell, to make a breakthrough.

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