Carlos Sainz: "I will never forget this"

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Carlos Sainz: "I will never forget this"

At the end of the season, Carlos Sainz left McLaren and arrived in Maranello. The Spaniard signed a two-year contract with Ferrari earlier this year and will join Charles Leclerc. Ferrari has not had such a young driver line-up, which will consist of one 26-year-old and one 23-year-old, since 1968.

During his first working day in the new environment, Sainz had the opportunity to meet the engineers and mechanics he will work with, do the first meetings, and first set up his future job. "It's the first time in red and you can imagine it's something special.

A special day I will never forget. I am completely ready and motivated today, immediately after leaving the United Kingdom ", said the Spanish driver. "Christmas is coming and the time when we will not be together, it is important to recharge the batteries as soon as possible.

You can be sure that I will be here early in January and work, try to help this team move in the best direction as soon as possible. I can't wait, honestly. ”

First and second driver

In addition to team boss Binotto and teammate Leclerc, Carlos also had his first get-together with media representatives.

An interesting question is addressed to Binotto, about whether Ferrari will have clearly defined roles for the first and second driver. “There is nothing written in the contract that Charles is the team leader. I think the two of them will have the freedom to race on the track.

It is important that they do not harm each other, that is clear, but they will have the same opportunity, at least at the beginning of the season ", said Mattia Binotto. "Our priority, as it has been in the past and remains so, is to win points for the team.

In some races, it may be important for the two of them to make some team decisions in order to do what is in the team's interest. ” “Later in the season, if one driver will have a clear advantage over another and have the opportunity to achieve something that is not possible for another driver, then we can have an open conversation about it and see how they can help each other and the team benefits from that.

Team points are a priority, though. ” Leclerc is entering his third season with Ferrari, and Sainz is bringing a lot of experience from other teams, as he has already driven for Toro Rosso, Renault, and McLaren. Carlos is the third Spaniard in history to drive for Ferrari in the Formula 1 World Championship.

The first was the Marquis Alfonso de Portago, who drove five races in 1956 and 1957, while the second is of course - Fernando Alonso. Sainz’s big role model drove for the Scuderia from 2010 to 2014, and next year he will be a direct rival on the track in the Alpine team’s car.