Frederic Vasseur responds to FIA-Wolff incident, expresses one positive

“I think this story is quite embarrassing for our sport."- Vasseur said.

by Sead Dedovic
Frederic Vasseur responds to FIA-Wolff incident, expresses one positive
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The FIA's investigation regarding the conflict of interest of Toto and Susie Wolff surprised many. The reactions of the fans and the Wolff family immediately followed. After some time, the FIA dropped its investigation. Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur is surprised by the reaction of the FIA, considering that the newspaper article caused such a reaction from them. He believes that the FIA should and had to act differently in such a situation.

“I think this story is quite embarrassing for our sport.

The story started with an article in a newspaper, I don't know if newspaper is the right word. And I think in this situation when you are speaking about an individual, you have to take care of what you are saying.

I think it would have been appropriate from the FIA; they needed 24 hours between the [first] announcement and the second announcement. It would have made sense to use the 24 hours before the first announcement [to investigate], to avoid any bad conclusions.”- he said, as quoted by!

F1 teams unity

The F1 teams showed unity in such moments, and immediately everyone supported Toto Wolff. For Vasseur, it is surprising that even the leaders of Red Bull decided to support Wolff.

“After the 'incident' of last week at least the teams were very united. The first conclusion for me is that we were able to act together and it's not very often that even Red Bull was supportive of Toto!"

Vasseur is especially proud and happy that the F1 teams have realized that it is necessary to unite. He believes that this can be an important lesson for the future, and an indication that it is possible to unite.

“And honestly, I think it's a good point for us also to take position and to discuss with the other stakeholders. I think it's the first time the teams together showed something like this.

Frederic Vasseur