Fernando Alonso surprised by Lance Stroll's behavior

"We talk a lot, we are in contact every week on the telephone, at the factory"- Alonso said.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso surprised by Lance Stroll's behavior
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Fernando Alonso was surprised by the level of commitment of his teammate, Lance Stroll. Especially in the last races, Stroll showed his qualities in the best way. The Spaniard is happy to have such a teammate, with whom he works well and is in regular contact.

"It has been very good, and I think we have a unique relationship of any team that I was in and in the paddock," Alonso said, as quoted by crash.net!

"We talk a lot, we are in contact every week on the telephone, at the factory, at the races and we try to make sure that we are all in the same direction."

Lance Stroll difficulties

Both had difficulties with the car this season, but Stroll especially. Alonso did his best to help him and influence his progress. They managed to fix the car. You could immediately feel the difference in Lance Stroll's driving. Having a teammate like Alonso can definitely contribute to your happiness. His success and experience can offer invaluable support and guidance.

"We share many things that he's been through, some difficulties this year as the car was changing behaviour and he was just struggling a little bit more than me.

We then fixed a few things on the car, and he's back to top form, and it was impressive to see his dedication and motivation in the highs and lows, such as in the beginning of the year with a broken hand."

Alonso was impressed with how much passion and dedication Stroll fought for the team and strived for its progress. This was especially noticeable in the races in Mexico, Brazil and Las Vegas. The next season could be a step up for this great driver.

"He was so determined to put things back in place again and eventually he did after Mexico, in Brazil and Las Vegas. 

This was a surprise to me to be honest, the level of commitment and the level of motivation that he has, so it is only good news and good things for the team."

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