Max Verstappen: "It’s exciting to have a teammate pushing you"

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Max Verstappen: "It’s exciting to have a teammate pushing you"

Max Verstappen also welcomed the arrival of Sergio Perez to the Red Bull team. He hopes that it will be easier to challenge Mercedes with the Mexican, emphasizing that the fight against the dominant team was much harder for him when he was deprived of the help of his teammate.

In the last two seasons, Red Bull has had huge problems with its "other" drivers. First Pierre Gasly, and then Alexander Albon, did not manage to get close to the speed of Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was usually the only one who could threaten Mercedes drivers, but most often he would come out of that fight as the third.

Even when Max found himself in a more favorable position, Mercedes always had better tactical options because they had two drivers in that fight.

Max praised Perez

Max hopes that Sergio Perez will be more competitive in this regard and that together they will have a better chance of attacking the Silver Arrows.

“I hope Checo will be the driver who will push the whole team forward but also keep me on guard, which is always good. It’s exciting to have a teammate pushing you. With a slightly more competitive car from the beginning of the season, I hope we could make the season more interesting.

” “It is important that we have another car that will be able to keep up with the pace throughout the race and create pressure on Mercedes. Take Abu Dhabi as an example, when in the end Alex was pretty close to them.

Most often in Mercedes, they would do an extra stop or whatever and that would get me in trouble. It happened almost every time we could match them, but I was the only car trying to beat them. ” “They would follow my strategy with one car and try something else with another and then it was always hard to fight them,” Verstappen says of his ordeal with Mercedes drivers.

Albon will stay with the team, even though he lost his place in the race car. He will be a test and reserve driver during 2021. Verstappen admits that the team also asked him for his opinion. "It simply came to our notice then.

I offered an honest opinion, but of course Helmut, Christian, and Dietrich make the decisions. I think it was pretty clear that throughout this year the situation was a bit awkward for Alex. He’s a great guy, honestly, I’m happy to remain part of the team, ”Verstappen said.

In the last three seasons, Max has convincingly beaten his teammates, and Formula 1 fans will follow with interest what the relationship between the Dutchman and the Mexican will be like in the new season.