Under the Hood: Unveiling the Secrets of Formula 1's Post-Season Rituals

The season in Formula 1 ended at the end of November, the teams and drivers are on break until the beginning of March next year, when new excitement begins

by Sededin Dedovic
Under the Hood: Unveiling the Secrets of Formula 1's Post-Season Rituals
© Dan Mullan / Getty Images

As the Formula 1 season draws to a close at the end of November, fans eagerly await the end of the break in March, anticipating the start of a new racing era. Meanwhile, teams and drivers are far from resting, working tirelessly to prepare for the challenges of the upcoming season.

One burning question that often crosses the minds of Formula 1 enthusiasts is: What happens to the cars when the season is over? Mercedes, always a pioneer, shed light on this mystery. Cars from the previous season find their place in the main garage, where some are disassembled in detail, and their parts are repurposed for different purposes.

Surprisingly, some cars remain untouched, brought back to life once a year solely because of the engine. We admit that we did not know about this information.

Fans and test drives

These fully assembled cars, often retired track veterans, become invaluable tools for newcomers looking to test their mettle with different teams during test drives.

It is a unique opportunity for aspiring racers to experience the power and precision of Formula 1 machines. While the current season has already ended, the teams are hard at work creating configurations for their new cars.

This careful planning ensures that the cars are prepared and ready for the first round of tests in the winter months.

Before the new season, mandatory car testing

In February, teams embark on a series of practice sessions for the upcoming season, fine-tuning every aspect of their race machines.

In addition to the standard tests, the teams conduct numerous laps to examine the smallest details, leaving no room for error as they approach the season opener. Red Bull has shown for years that it makes the best car configurations, and we will find out whether it will win competition in 2024 in the month of March.

Fans will be looking forward to March, the month when the culmination of tireless efforts will be put to the ultimate test. As Formula 1 gears up for March, the behind-the-scenes action during the off-season offers a sneak peek into the excitement awaiting fans in 2024.