SF21 is the name of Ferrari's car for next season

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SF21 is the name of Ferrari's car for next season

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto revealed his team’s plans for the period between the two seasons. He announces a separate presentation of the team and the driving lineup, which will consist of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, while the car could be presented to the public just before the start of testing.

However, he discovered the name of the car… The way of presentation will be interesting, but also the name of the car, which will be different from the others. "We have already decided on the name of the car for next year.

The car will be called SF21. A very simple name because we believe that next year is actually a transition year before 2022. That’s why we decided to leave SF21 as the name of the car. It will be part of a frozen development car, with the same chassis as in 2020.

” “We will organize a different presentation of our car next year. We will organize the first event where we will present the team and our drivers to fans, partners, and media representatives. It is possible that we will organize another event, which could be directly in the winter testing in Barcelona, ​​where we will discover our car.

It will be done in a different way, ”Binotto announced.

Working on car

Teams for next season are not allowed to change the chassis of the car but are allowed to work on aerodynamics and spend two development tokens on some other modifications.

Of course, Ferrari relies most on the new engine. This year, they will try to make up for the backlog they had and to improve their car to the maximum Here is the statemente of the F1 Ferrari, who said: “I can confirm that the engine is working well on the dynamometer.

I think we are making good progress in terms of performance, significantly compared to 2020, and that we will once again be competitive with our drive unit. I am of the opinion that we will not be the worst among manufacturers and I say this based on the data I have seen, but I do not know what others are doing or how far they have progressed.

We are doing our best to work on the weaknesses of this year's car for next season ", said Binotto. Ferrari finished the season in sixth place in the constructors' standings, which is the worst result for the Italian team in the last 40 years.