Jost Capito has been appointed as a CEO of Williams

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Jost Capito has been appointed as a CEO of Williams

The Williams team has appointed Josta Capita as CEO from next year, and Simon Roberts has been confirmed as the permanent head of the team following the departure of the Williams family. Capito spent four months at McLaren in 2016 as CEO but returned to Volkswagen where he was selected as head of the high-performance vehicle department.

But Capito is still returning to Formula 1 in the third most successful team of all time, Williams, who was left without an executive director after the withdrawal of the Williams family, while Simon Roberts was appointed head of the team.

Capito will report to Matthew Savage, Williams ’president, and will take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company. Roberts has been confirmed as head of the team, a role he temporarily held after the Williams family retired.

Capito began his racing career in the mid-1970s by racing motorcycles, and in 1985 he won the Paris-Dakar Rally in the truck category with his father behind the wheel of a Mercedes Unimog. After five years at BMW, he joined Porsche in 1989 where he was racing program manager, and in 1996 he joined Sauber Petronas Engineering.

Five years later he joined Ford where he was director of motorsport activities in Europe, from Formula Ford to Formula 1 with Jordan and the WRC program in which he won design titles in 2006 and 2007. He arrived at Volkswagen in 2012 where he was head of the WRC program and won four consecutive championship titles before moving to McLaren in 2016.

Capito on the new team

Capito thanked the team and is aware that it is a great honor to be in such a team “It is a great honor to join Williams Racing during these exciting and challenging times for the team and Formula 1,” Capito said.

“It is an honor to be a part of the future of this team that bears such an important name in this sport. That is why I approach this challenge with great respect. " Savage is aware that Capito's experience and knowledge can help his team and influence their progress in every segment “We are excited to welcome Josta Capita, the new CEO of Williams Racing,” President Savage said.

"He is an experienced individual with a competitive spirit who has led the winning teams and who is the winner himself." "He understands Williams' legacy well and will work well with the team in an effort to get us back to the top of the standings."