McLaren boss Andrea Stella on Oscar Piastri's brain capabilities

"Oscar [Piastri] is talented and let me say intelligent"

by Sead Dedovic
McLaren boss Andrea Stella on Oscar Piastri's brain capabilities
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McLaren team principal Andrea Stella is an intriguing figure in the F1 scene. Many consider Stella to be crucial for McLaren, believing that under his leadership, the team could show significant improvements in the upcoming seasons.

During a conversation with DAZN, this influential leader talked about the great drivers of the F1 scene. He initially focused on McLaren's drivers, recognizing their potential for achieving amazing feats.

"Oscar [Piastri] is talented and let me say intelligent.

His brain capabilities are very high. He has very interesting characteristics. I would say that he is very calm,” he said, as quoted by! “Lando is already one of the best drivers on the grid. He is very fast, very good in the race, with tire management...

When I think about Lando, I think that if the team and I gave him a good car, he would be able to fight for the championship."

Andrea Stella on Fernando Alonso qualities

Judging by his words, Stella is most impressed by Fernando Alonso, who despite his age shows how good he is.

Andrea emphasized that Piastri reminds him a lot of the Spaniard. If he develops properly, his career may go in the direction of Alonso's.

"When we talk about being the most complete, I definitely think of Fernando Alonso.

He basically has no weaknesses. I think this makes him unique. He is not the best in many things, but he is very strong in all of them. I think that in Oscar I see his powerful mind. He is definitely like Fernando. He can do mathematical calculations while driving."

Stella expects Lando Norris to show his qualities.

Ranking the best drivers, Stella has no doubts that currently the three best drivers are; Max Verstappen, Lando Norris as well as Fernando Alonso.

"On the other hand, Lando, I think his development as a driver will make him so complete.

He reminds me a little of Fernando. My top 3 drivers with the same cars would be Max Verstappen, Lando Norris and Fernando Alonso”.

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