Lewis Hamilton is 'cautious' when commenting on the new Mercedes car

“I think it’s always difficult… I’m not an engineer or designer"

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton is 'cautious' when commenting on the new Mercedes car
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Despite everything that happened to him in the previous two seasons, Lewis Hamilton is optimistic that better days await him. Lewis is a driver who is used to dominating and winning. The fact that it has been a long time since his last victory is certainly cause for concern.

During the FIA's prize-giving gala, Hamilton revealed that he is happy with his team, given the many problems they have had this season.

“The mood is very positive. All the members of the team are grateful to have got second in the constructors given the challenges we faced this season.

It’s always quite emotional, I’ve been with the team for such a long time, but each time you go back to Brixworth and Brackley and you’re reminded of how big the team is pushing you forwards [from] behind.

And you see some people who new to the team, that have joined while I’ve been here, some been here way before, also ome have worked on my engines since my first grand prix in Formula 1”. - he said, as quoted by crash.net!

Lewis Hamilton reacts to a new car

The Briton had a chance to see the new car, but he thinks it is too early to comment on what he had a chance to see. From his words, one can feel how careful Hamilton is this time commenting on his team.

“I think it’s always difficult… I’m not an engineer or designer, you see the car, it’s always an exciting time of year, I have seen the car in the windtunnel, I always go via the windtunnel.

To see it evolving in certain directions, whichever direction it ends up going."

Lewis believes that there is enormous quality within the team, and he has no doubts that the Mercedes team will do a great job.

“When I was leaving yesterday again I popped in to see where we were and when I come back it’ll be a different animal.

I have full faith in everyone working on it and hope we’ll be in a much more competitive position next year”.

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