Max Verstappen surprised many: It is important to find improvements


Max Verstappen surprised many: It is important to find improvements
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Max Verstappen is known as an ambitious F1 driver who always strived for the highest goals. Although he has achieved absolute dominance this season and shown that he is far ahead of the others, Verstappen is still down to earth.

The Dutchman has huge expectations for the next season. It is not primary for him to achieve the same success in terms of the number of victories. He believes that it is necessary to understand where his team can still progress.

For him, the most important thing is to win the championship again, regardless of the number of victories during the season.

“Realistically, of course, it can’t be much better than what we have achieved, but I think it’s not always about trying to win 20 races, it’s also about trying to find improvements within yourself, within the car, and if that means next year we’ve improved the car and we can fight for the championship again, and can only win 10 races is fine,” he said, as quoted by!

Max Verstappen reacts to other teams and reveals his expectations

Verstappen believes that other teams have learned a lot during this season, so Red Bull will not have such an easy job. The ambitions of other teams are much higher than this season.

It is difficult to assess which team could make a breakthrough, but fans of this sport hope that Mercedes can show the quality they used to.

“It’s just that the competition around us has been quite up and down, one weekend it was this team, another it was another team.

Next year, I expect that people are learning a lot with these new regulations that naturally it will be quite a bit closer”.

It is hard to expect that Red Bull will not be dominant again, but it is too early to prejudge what could happen next season. In any case, it will be interesting.

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