Christian Horner on Sergio Perez and how to achieve consistency


Christian Horner on Sergio Perez and how to achieve consistency
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Although he has come under a lot of criticism this season, many still believe that Sergio Perez can do great things next season. When you're a teammate of Max Verstappen, meeting expectations can be challenging, given that the Dutchman has set the bar at an incredibly high level.

Christian Horner is also aware of this. The Red Bull team principal still has words of praise for the Mexican, in whom he has enormous confidence. Perez showed at the end of the season that he knows how to deal with criticism.

“We all know what Checo [Perez] is capable of,” Horner said to “I think he just needs to work hard to achieve consistency. Time and time again, he’s bounced back when he’s been under pressure, a bit under criticism from the media.

He’s done his talking on the track, and he’s done it again, at the tail end of this year with some very strong drives”.
Max Verstappen was unbeatable this season. He showed once again how dangerous he is for his opponents.

Horner expects both drivers to show their full potential next year. “But, you know, it’s a tough gig being Max’s team-mate.. We’ve just got to work harder. Because we need him firing on all cylinders at 24 races next year because the competition will move closer.

So we need both drivers as tightly bunched as we can in order to ensure that we do our utmost to defend both titles”.

Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber

Horner also recalled the partnership between Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

While Vettel won titles from season to season, Webber was not brilliant.
“I very much enjoyed Sebastian’s winning years. I mean, Mark got a bit grumpy on occasions. But what Sebastian achieved was outstanding. I think that Max, in the same way, has been totally dominant. What he’s achieved has been exemplary”.

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