Sergio Perez on Max Verstappen: Definitely there are things that you learn from him


Sergio Perez on Max Verstappen: Definitely there are things that you learn from him
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Sergio Perez did not have a great season. The Mexican was far from his qualities. Although he finished second, the gap over Max Verstappen is huge. Precisely because of this, Perez wants to use the break to understand where he went wrong and prepare for the next season in the best way.

"That’s the main target for me,” Perez said, as quoted by! I’ve already finished second, my main interest is to do one better. I’m aware of the challenge that it is. We’ve got to really take this winter time to try to start the season on a high and be able to maintain that level of consistency throughout the season”.

Sergio Perez on the relationship with Max Verstappen

Perez emphasized that he has a great relationship with everyone within the Red Bull team, including Max Verstappen. The leaders of Red Bull have confirmed many times so far that they are happy with the unity within the team, especially the relationship between Max and Perez.

The Mexican is aware that he can learn a lot from Max Verstappen, who has had total dominance this season.
“Our relationship is really good,” Perez continued. “I think the whole engineering, when we are in all those briefings through so many races, I think it’s been good.

We’ve been pushing at times in different directions, but at the same time we’ve [often] been strongly asking for the same stuff. So that also has been positive for the team. Definitely there are things that you learn from him.

I think I have the best reference out there because he was the one who was so competitive." When you have Verstappen as a teammate, you certainly have the opportunity to understand where you make mistakes and where you do good things.

“So I think there’s no harm in looking at what he’s doing, how he’s doing it and trying to learn and improve, see what works for you that he’s doing differently to you. I think I’ve always had a very open approach and I think it’s something that works well”.

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