Susie Wolff labels allegations intimidatory and misogynistic: I am deeply insulted


Susie Wolff labels allegations intimidatory and misogynistic: I am deeply insulted
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The situation on the F1 scene is once again as chaotic as before. The main participants in the whole story are Toto Wolff and F1 Academy director Susie Wolff. In the last few days, there have been allegations regarding a conflict of interests between her and Toto Wolff (her husband).

One of the F1 magazines decided to give some information, but there was an immediate reaction from Wolff and Susie. She decided to send a clear message via social media and emphasize that she is deeply insulted, but not surprised.

"I am deeply insulted but sadly unsurprised by the public allegations that have been made this evening," -Susie wrote on social media. Susie is angry that her name is mentioned in such a context, and feels insulted. She has been part of the F1 scene for years and has tended to maintain her reputation.

However, some media want to create a different image of her. "It is disheartening that my integrity is being called into question in such a manner, especially when it seems to be rooted in intimidatory and misogynistic behaviour, and focused on my marital status rather than my abilities."

Susie Wolff's message: I reject these allegations

Her life and career were marked by many obstacles.

Even in the most difficult times, she tended to remain the same person and fight against everything on the way. Susie confirmed that her goal has always been the progress of F1 as a sport. Toto Wolff and Susie have to fight against such allegations at this moment, and they certainly know how.

"Throughout my career in motorsport, I have encountered and overcome numerous obstacles and I refuse to let these baseless allegations overshadow my dedication and passion for F1 Academy. As a woman in this sport, I have faced my fair share of challenges but my commitment to breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations to succeed remains unwavering. In the strongest possible terms, I reject these allegations."