Mick Schumacher on working with Lewis Hamilton: Everyone has the same insecurities

Mick Schumacher became the third Mercedes driver from the 2023 season

by Sead Dedovic
Mick Schumacher on working with Lewis Hamilton: Everyone has the same insecurities
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After the adventure in Haas, Mick Schumacher decided to make changes in his career and become the third Mercedes driver from 2023. In an interview with the media, Mick revealed what he learned during his season at Mercedes.

Having Russell and Hamilton as colleagues is certainly a great thing and an opportunity to learn something new. “I think that for me what people forget – I was aware of it but it’s still something which you don't think too much about – is that everybody is human, and everybody has the same insecurities,” he said, as quoted by crash.net!

“That for me was my biggest learning. Some of the questions when driving myself which weren't answered then, have been answered here. That everybody is going through some stuff especially while racing and it was great to have that experience."

Mick Schumacher on Lewis Hamilton's and Russell's approach

Both are great drivers, although they did not have an ideal season.

Schumacher used every moment to improve and learn new things from them, especially from Lewis Hamilton who has a lot of experience. “But also, obviously you know why they are as good as they are because of the approaches they take." During all the years at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton learned how things work within the team.

He used his knowledge and made great results. The last two seasons are far from what is expected from Hamilton. However, there is chemistry and understanding within the team. “It’s great to see also Lewis who has been with the team for so long, the connection he has to the team, they can talk without using words and understand each other and that I think is something which is quite special”.

Next season could be a chance for Mercedes to turn things in their favor. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are hungry for success.

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