Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton will fight for a championship if given a competitive car


Toto Wolff: Lewis Hamilton will fight for a championship if given a competitive car
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The future holds exciting things for the F1 scene. Lots of people are curious about whether Lewis Hamilton can return to his past form from a few seasons back and secure another championship win. According to Toto Wolff, there is a great chance of that.

Although Hamilton was not satisfied with his final performance of the calendar year, Wolff does not doubt that the future holds great things for Hamilton. "From Lewis's perspective, he had a bad weekend," Wolff said, as quoted by!

"That doesn't do anything about him being the greatest driver in the world, and if we are able to give him a car, then he will be fighting for a World Championship. I have no doubt”. Mercedes wants to change a lot and create a car that will do great things.

When you don't have a good car, it's hard to expect great results, regardless of the quality of the drivers. "It's clear that when you have a Formula 1 car like we have now, you are never at ease with it," Wolff continued.

Toto Wolff: We just need to give Hamilton a car

Lewis Hamilton has shown many times in his career what kind of driver he is. There is no need to talk too much about it. However, Wolff believes that they must give him a car with which he can do great things.

"You have good weekends and bad weekends but at the end every time when we have seen that Lewis has somebody in his target in front of him and it was about winning the race then the real Lewis comes alive. We just need to give him a car, that is the first thing”.

Hamilton wants to remain optimistic despite all the adversities. He expects a lot from the next season.
"As for the future, myself and the team know we'll be back on top, and we know there's a lot of work to be done to make that happen," he wrote on social media.

"I promise you, getting there will be exhilarating, and seasons like this will make it all the more satisfying when we do. Til next year."

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