Ferrari Chief expects Max Verstappen errors under pressure


Ferrari Chief expects Max Verstappen errors under pressure
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Many are wondering if Max Verstappen can continue to dominate next season. The Dutchman has a fantastic season behind him, which will be very difficult to repeat. Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur believes that the main problem for Verstappen next season could be pressure.

If he is under pressure, Vasseur believes that Max will have a much more difficult task. “There is no doubt on the fact that he was dominating all the season,” Vasseur said, as quoted by! “And the only issue for us is that, as everybody, he will do more mistakes when he will be under pressure.

But nobody was able to put him under pressure this season except us at the last two or three events, or except Carlos [Sainz] in Singapore. And it’s where he started to do some mistakes, or perhaps Red Bull did some mistakes in terms of setup.

We were too far away to put this kind of pressure on them”.

Frederic Vasseur

Vasseur is delighted with the performances of Verstappen this season. He finished the season without a single error. F1 fans, especially the older ones, don't remember anyone having such a fantastic season.

Vasseur, on the other hand, believes that Ferrari will be much more competitive next season. It will be interesting to watch the next season. Many teams are doing their best to dethrone Verstappen. “I think it is not sure that someone has a doubt on this, he did a mega season,” he continued.

“He was fighting with Checo in the first two or three events and then he was on another planet. Clearly, he didn’t do a mistake all season, and when he struggled in quali, like in Jeddah, it was due to a mechanical issue.

And then he was always there, always making good starts, no contact. The only one was Vegas [with George Russell]. But I think we are getting a bit closer to him, we are…I don’t want to say putting him under pressure because it is not true, he was not under pressure [in Abu Dhabi]. But he was a bit more under pressure than he was in Zandvoort, or in some other events when he was flying”.

Ferrari Max Verstappen