Franz Tost on his fantasy duo in F1


Franz Tost on his fantasy duo in F1
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Max Verstappen has shown this season that he is a driver who was born for great things. To have such dominance this season is something to talk about for years ahead. On the other hand, his colleague, Sergio Perez, failed to achieve his goals.

Although he finished as P2, many were disappointed with his performances. Franz Tost, team principal of the Scuderia AlphaTauri, praised Verstappen in a press conference and revealed who his fantasy duo is in F1. “Vettel and Max – because of their dedication to the sport and their speed.

They know how to win races and they also bring all the factors with them, what you need to win races. This is, first of all, the talent. You must be highly skilled for driving such a car."- he said, as quoted by!

Franz Tost: Both of them are very passionate

Tost thinks both of them are super disciplined and passionate. They always try their best and dream big. Having such drivers in their roster is certainly the wish of all owners within F1.

Red Bull was able to recognize Verstappen's talent, which turned out to be their best move ever. “Second, the passion. Both of them are very passionate. Look at Max, he is driving this e-car series and all this kind of stuff.

Isn’t this fantastic? A three-time Formula 1 World Champion and at home he is racing against others on the computer. Then they are disciplined. They know exactly when and what they have to do. The discipline is a very, very important factor.

"- he continued
Both like to analyze opponents and find their weak points. “And then to study the rivals, to find out where are the deficiencies and to work on this to beat them. These are the factors both of these drivers have, 100%”. - Tost concluded.

Franz Tost