Christian Horner: Max Verstappen is the very best driver Formula 1 currently has

“I think the speed and skill has always been there"

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner: Max Verstappen is the very best driver Formula 1 currently has
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Max Verstappen surprised everyone with his performances this season. The Dutchman once again showed that he is currently the best driver. Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, is aware of this. Horner has no doubts about Max's qualities, but experience has been crucial this season.

Verstappen gathered experience in the seasons behind us in order to achieve complete dominance this year. “He’s just grown and grown as a driver and as a human being,” Horner told Motorsport Magazine, as quoted by!

“I think the speed and skill has always been there. He’s just rounded it with experience now. And the capacity that he has within the car to be taking on and thinking about other things is outstanding." In addition to his driving qualities, Verstappen is someone who knows how to analyze things well and turn them to his advantage.

It's amazing how quickly the Dutchman sometimes thinks and makes interesting decisions. When you have such talent within the team, success is guaranteed. “To be able to read the race, to be able to nurse tyres the way he does, to understand what he needs to deliver strategically to make something work, is extraordinary and I think he’s just very much the complete driver.

We knew he was a very special talent, but only time would tell what that talent would yield, and it needed us to give him the tools to deliver as well. And thankfully, we’ve been able to do that, and he’s used them in the best possible way.

And so what he’s done the last three years, it’s just been sensational. I think Max, where he is at the moment is the best driver currently in Formula 1. He’s the world champion, and he is - without a shadow of a doubt - the very best driver Formula 1 currently has”.

- he continued.

Christian Horner on Red Bull's success

Horner did not forget to mention Sergio Perez, who also impressed with his qualities. Red Bull had a fantastic season, which will be difficult to repeat. “To have won 21 out of 22 grands prix is insane.

And something that the whole team can feel rightly proud of, that they’ve built and delivered and executed this weapon of a car. Max has been out of this world. Checo’s done a great job as well, the first time we’ve ever been first a second in a championship. It’s been an unbelievable year for us”.

Christian Horner Max Verstappen