Helmut Marko (80) has the strength to help Red Bull


Helmut Marko (80) has the strength to help Red Bull
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Red Bull director Helmut Marko plans to remain loyal to Red Bull until the very end. His contract expires in 2024, but Marko is still ready to give his best to help his team. The fact that he is 80 years old and so fit is really impressive.

In an interview with the media, Marko confirmed that he still has the strength for many things. His love for F1 is stronger than anything else. “I have the strength to do that,” said Marko to oe24, as quoted by gpfans.com!

“In Las Vegas [for FP2 until four o'clock in the morning local time] I was in amazingly good shape and in a better mood than most others”.

Singapore race

Red Bull failed to win in just one race this season.

It is a race in Singapore. In an interview with the media, Marko revealed why they failed in their goal. “I've always said, if we push through Singapore, I'm optimistic that it will work," he continued. "Then we let ourselves be misled by the simulator and couldn't do qualifying anymore.

We were fast again in the race, but overtaking was hardly possible on this city course”. Many believe that Red Bull can repeat a similar success next year. Helmut Marko, on the other hand, is not an optimist. Repeating the same success will be difficult, but not impossible.

It is also a fact that other teams will probably be more competitive next season. “That we can do this is illusory,” Marko said. “But let's see if all 24 races can be driven at all. As you know, Imola failed this year because of the natural disaster.

When I look at how things are going in the world, you have to be very optimistic that everything can be carried out as planned”.

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