Sergio Perez on expectations and the season behind him


Sergio Perez on expectations and the season behind him
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Sergio Perez expects big things from the RB18. Although this season was not ideal for him, the Mexican hopes that the future will bring better results. He actively participated for Red Bull during the post-season Abu Dhabi test “It's always a pain in the ass to end up doing it, but it's so much learning and so productive as well,” Perez said, as quoted by!

“It’s good and important to put in the time, I think it's been another productive day."
The Mexican can hardly predict what the future holds for him, but he tries to be optimistic. Although he finished P2, Perez wanted to achieve much better results.

Max Verstappen's dominance was such that it was difficult to expect that anyone could match him. “And I think especially coming out of a race, everything is really fresh. The circuit was very representative, especially in the afternoon.

So plenty of productive testing and good information for next year. All in all, it’s a good way to finish the year. It's very important to be able to have this sort of day together with the team because we take some homework home that we are able to work on and be productive,” he said.

Red Bull season

Red Bull had a great season. However, rumors are already circulating that Red Bull executives could find a replacement for Sergio Perez. The Mexican hopes that next year he will correct his mistakes and move towards the right path.

“It's been dominant for Red Bull [this year] but it was quite tough for me. I'm sure we're going to have a great car again next year." It is inevitable that Perez has the quality, but many things still have to fall into place. “Hopefully [with] a little bit nicer balance on my side, we can we can keep this going”.

Sergio Perez