Lewis Hamilton: I don't think Max Verstappen has broken a sweat during the year


Lewis Hamilton: I don't think Max Verstappen has broken a sweat during the year
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Max Verstappen had absolute dominance this season, and managed to win 19 out of 22 races. An impressive record, it must be admitted. Once Lewis Hamilton's biggest rival, he entered this season full of motivation and energy. The goal was to win the third title in a row, this time much easier.

He succeeded in that. Verstappen has shown since the beginning of the season that he is not afraid of anyone, and that he firmly believes in his third title. In an interview with the BBC, Lewis Hamilton commented on Red Bull's season and Max Verstappen's performances.

The Brit believes that Max went through the season without a drop of sweat. “You can go through the lap times and some of the data from Max; he is just chilling at the front more often than not,” Hamilton said, as quoted by BBC!

“I don't think he has broken a sweat during the year."

Lewis Hamilton on Max Verstappen

Red Bull has worked hard for years to get to this stage. It is also a relieving fact to have a driver like Max Verstappen on your roster.

The Dutchman fulfilled the expectations of the Red Bull leaders. Lewis Hamilton recalled the race in Austin, where Verstappen had minor problems. And in those moments, Max looked relaxed and confident. When you have confidence and a car that can do great things, then you certainly have an open path to winning the championship.

“Even when we were chasing him in Austin, I don't think he was sweating. I think he was just able to control it. And when you are in that position where you have performance and can back off, the car goes further. The tyres go longer and you are in a sweet spot and it is amazing to be in that place. Ultimately, they have done an amazing job and worked and deserve it”.

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