Alex Albon refutes claims of Red Bull designing cars exclusively for Max Verstappen

“He has quite a unique driving style actually"

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Albon refutes claims of Red Bull designing cars exclusively for Max Verstappen
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Alex Albon is one of the drivers who had the opportunity to be Max Verstappen's teammate. However, he failed to achieve his goals in Red Bull, and left the team. It is a known opinion of many F1 fans that Red Bull was designed around Verstappen's driving style.

In an interview with the High Performance Podcast, Albon revealed whether this is actually true or a myth. “The first thing is a lot of people say that car is built around him. Truthfully… the car is what it is,” he said, as quoted by!

Alex Albon explains Verstappen's driving style

Albon explained that Verstappen has a special driving style that makes him different from other drivers. This great driver gave an interesting example to explain Max's driving style.

Namely, Albon mentioned video games and sensitivity at max. “He has quite a unique driving style actually. It’s not that easy to get along with. My driving style is a bit more on the smooth side, but I like a car that has a good front end, so quite sharp, [and] quite direct.

Max does too, but his level of sharp and direct is kind of another… it’s a whole different level. I don’t know if you guys play computer games at all, but if you bump up the sensitivity completely to the max and you move that mouse and it’s just darting across the screen everywhere… that’s kind of how it feels.

"- he continued. Being an F1 driver requires a lot. It is necessary that you have skills in order to be at the very top. Max Verstappen is certainly one of the most talented drivers in the history of this sport. He has shown that many times so far.

“It becomes so sharp that it makes you a little bit tense and it just starts to snowball and every time the car becomes sharper and sharper you start to become more tense. And I think it’s like any sport, if you start to not be in that flow state and you’re having to really think about it, and every time you go into a corner you don’t know how it’s going to react, you don’t have that kind of… well it’s purely the confidence in the car, the flow, it doesn’t work”.

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