Helmut Marko confident Max Verstappen has room for further improvement


Helmut Marko confident Max Verstappen has room for further improvement
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Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko surprised many by talking about Max Verstappen, whom he believes can do even greater things in the future. Although the Dutchman has surprised many with his dominance this season, Marko believes that Verstappen still has a lot to offer.

He emphasized that Verstappen can improve in all areas. "In all areas. It's in his absolute will to win. He can go to extremes in any situation. As soon as he learns that there might be a penalty for an incident, he increases his lead by 10 seconds.

He simply instantly gains a second per lap. And he does that cleanly and with ease. He is decisive in terms of tyre management. Max can drive incredibly hard and at the limit without overloading the tyres. He almost reads the tyres.

That was again the case during qualifying in Abu Dhabi - in which he again went a step further than everyone expected. That's why I think we haven't reached our peak yet."- Helmut Marko said, as quoted by crash.net! According to Marko, Verstappen is the type of driver who provides the maximum when necessary.

His confidence is something that impresses many, including Helmut.
"He [Verstappen] is very confident, but no longer fights when he doesn't need to and yet he does just keep getting faster, and handles the material well. But all this I never thought possible and that is why I don't see any limits at the top at the moment."


Honda has been of great help to them for a long time.

Achieving this success would be difficult without Honda. The Red Bull team has a unity that can be noticed even in the most difficult moments. There weren't many difficult moments this season, but there certainly were in the past.

"I thank our staff in England and at Honda. Honda made an incredibly competitive engine. In addition, the engine was stable, also in terms of fuel consumption. But such an achievement is only possible in a team where everyone works with full passion, dedication and enthusiasm.

And I think that is characteristic of our team. We concentrate on ourselves and make sure that we win as many races as possible."

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