Fernando Alonso angry: This is Formula 1, this is not a charity event


Fernando Alonso angry: This is Formula 1, this is not a charity event
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Fernando Alonso delights us all. Despite being 41 years old, the Spaniard races with as much passion as if he were at the beginning of his career. His team finished fifth in the constructors' championship in 2023. Alonso immediately admitted that he was not satisfied with the position his team finished in.

He believes that they had to work harder to achieve their goals. “This is Formula 1, this is not a charity event, we have to have the pressure and deliver," Alonso said, as quoted by crash.net! “Fifth in the Constructors' hurts a little bit because I think we were better than that, and we were hoping to be better than that at the beginning of the year”.

Alonso finished fourth overall. However, he believes that this is a dream season for both him and his team. Although many were not optimistic about Aston Martin's chances this season, they convinced everyone otherwise with their efforts and work.

“In the Drivers', finishing fourth is a little bit unreal, fighting with the guys that we were,” he continued. “In fact, if you are fifth in the Constructors', normally you should be ninth and 10th in the Drivers', so it is a dream season for everyone in Aston Martin, including myself."

Fernando Alonso is surprised: It is completely unexpected

The Spaniard believes that no one could have expected such a result from him and his team.

His experience and quality emerged this year in the best possible way. Those who know Alonso well are certainly not surprised by what he has shown this season. “It is completely unexpected, completely unreal to be fourth in the championship.

As I said [earlier in the weekend], 2012 and this season for me are the best in my career and I was in a position that I could never have imagined at the beginning of the year or with the car performance we had”. Fernando is not giving up on his goals for the next season.

Fernando Alonso