George Russell raced with illness and 3 hours of sleep


George Russell raced with illness and 3 hours of sleep
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In an interview with the media, George Russell confirmed that he has been having problems with his health for weeks. Russell qualified fourth for Sunday's race. In addition, he emphasized that despite his illness, he was great, and even seems to be better than before.

In addition, this young driver did not sleep much. “I’ve been really ill the last two weeks and I’ve been really quick - I don’t know if I need to be ill more often,” he said, as quoted by!

“I’ve been super comfortable in the car. I’ve had three hours sleep so I don’t know if that’s what people are missing?”

George Russell reveals his mixed feelings

Russell confirmed that he has mixed feelings.

He is happy that his team is still showing some progress lately. “Mixed feelings right now, definitely would of taking P4 ahead of the weekend, but after this morning’s performance, we were quickest every single lap, we only improved six tenths from practice to qualifying,” he added.

Even better things are expected from him in the next season. Russell is aware that they didn't have the jump they wanted. However, they showed that they are a team that can surprise at any moment. "Considering it’s much colder, we had much less fuel in the car, we didn’t make the jump we should have, that was a little bit disappointing.

On the race pace for tomorrow and the fight with Ferrari and McLaren. "- Russell concluded. Hamilton and Russell failed to achieve their goals this season, that's a fact. Lewis expressed optimism many times during this season, even though he was not really optimistic at the beginning.

Their focus is already on the next season. The Mercedes team is doing everything they can to finally be able to match Red Bull and fight for the title.

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