George Russell: It’s been a very strange season

"Need to try and understand why there’s been a huge amount of missed opportunities"

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell: It’s been a very strange season
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George Russell is not satisfied with the season behind him. The biggest problem for Mercedes this season seems to have been a lack of consistency. Russell labeled this season as 'strange' “It’s been a very strange season.

It’s been a season where we’ve had a lot of pace at times but we’ve never achieved results that were deserved or possible,” he said, as quoted by! They missed many opportunities this season.

In addition, they lacked luck. Hamilton and Russell are aware that they have to change a lot. In addition, they expect their team to make changes. "Need to try and understand why there’s been a huge amount of missed opportunities.

Really hasn’t been a smooth season but I think when everything is flowing, when everything is working right, luck tends to be on your side, and when you’re on the backfoot, you tend to have bad luck. We just need to be faster and lady luck will be with us”.

George Russell and his ambitions

However, Russell believes that he has made progress compared to last season. He showed his qualities in many moments this season. Ambitions have grown for the next season as well. However, it is still not the end of the current season, so it is necessary for him to be patient.

“It’s definitely something I am going to look at over the winter because the results were so smooth flowing last year,” he added. “I think we finished in the top five more than any other driver and this year, I feel that I have upped my game, upped my pace in my quali pace, race pace.

We’ve definitely been on the backfoot. We have more competition this year with McLaren joining the fight, Aston being there at the start of the season. Ultimately we’re looking to get through this weekend, trying to cement P2 in the championship”.

George Russell