Nico Rosberg believes that Lewis Hamilton will fight for the championship next season


Nico Rosberg believes that Lewis Hamilton will fight for the championship next season
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Mercedes failed to achieve their goals this season, despite giving their best. However, at the end of this season, they realized where they were making mistakes and made some progress. Their focus is already on the next season.

They want to make better results, given that Red Bull ruined their plans. Nico Rosberg is one of those who is optimistic about Red Bull's future and expects that next season things will be completely different. Mercedes wants to stop the dominance of Red Bull, which was particularly visible this season.

“We've seen flashes of brilliance from the Mercedes team just recently. They lack consistency. But look at Austin. They were challenging for the win there and actually had the fastest car over the weekend. So we've seen that they're starting to understand the car, and they just have the problem that you still lack consistency.

They still lack in straight line performance, but they are starting to understand all that. I believe in Mercedes' ability because I was there. I know how strong they are. It's always still the same people. So certainly there is a chance that Hamilton could once again fight for the championship next year”.

- Nico Rosberg said, as quoted by!

Nico Rosberg on Lewis Hamilton

Rosberg confirmed that he would like to see Mercedes dominate again next season. Although their domination lasted for years, it had to come to an end!

It's hard for Lewis Hamilton to get used to this situation, but it's clear that he's been trying to be optimistic lately. “I would be happy if Mercedes won, because that's kind of my racing family from the past. But then Lewis, I'm neutral there," he continued.

“I just would like a great fight for the championship, and may the best driver win. But I'm not biased in that sense, obviously”.

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