Lewis Hamilton takes snapshots of every opponent's car


Lewis Hamilton takes snapshots of every opponent's car
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Although they have had many successes and done great things over the years, the last two years have not been ideal for the Mercedes team. Lewis Hamilton expressed his dissatisfaction many times at the beginning of the season.

However, as the season progressed, it seemed that the Brit tended to be positive. He used every moment to praise his team when things were not the best. Comparing the last season, which was also not good, with the current one, Hamilton said; “I don’t know.

I mean, last year, we had a race win in Brazil, but it doesn’t really mean it’s necessarily getting better – we still started the season a second and a half down in Bahrain. You know, it’s nice definitely to be progressing and we have seen progress with this car, so fingers crossed for winter”.

- Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net!

Lewis Hamilton and his goals

The Briton has been trying to notice what his opposing teams are doing for some time now. The main goal is to determine the positive things in other teams.

Hamilton confirmed that he is constantly in talks with the aero chief. Lewis uses every moment to understand where they are going wrong and what they need to work on the most. “But I’ll be staying. I’m in touch with the head of aero and I’m just checking up on him every week like: ‘How are we doing and what have you tried? Where’s the progress? Have you tried this?’” Hamilton continued.

“I take snapshots of every car. I saw underneath the AlphaTauri the other day and I went back and was like, ‘hey, they’ve got these things on their floor.’ You know, you’re just trying to find everything that you can pass on, [but] they know most of the stuff anyway”.

Lewis Hamilton