David Coulthard believes that Max Verstappen's statements have annoyed F1 owners


David Coulthard believes that Max Verstappen's statements have annoyed F1 owners
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Max Verstappen's criticism of Las Vegas caused different reactions. F1 owners could be very angry about that. David Coulthard is one of those who believe that Liberty Media will be angry because of Max Verstappen's statements.

Coulthard emphasizes that they are cold, business people, who will certainly not react positively to his statements. “Of course, they won’t like it. They will just think about bottom-line investment. They are cold, hard business people, at the end of the day.

One shoe doesn’t fit all. If Max fits into the grumpy, 85-year-old ‘freaky Friday’ - if that’s who his character is, then be true to yourself. ”- Coulthard said, as quoted by crash.net! Red Bull team principal Christian Horner could be one of those who will talk to Max and explain some things to him.

Coulthard believes it will happen.
“Yes, I’m sure he would have had that conversation. But Max believes in freedom of speech”.

Jamie Chadwick on Max Verstappen

Jamie Chadwick, on the other hand, believes in freedom of speech.

The Dutch driver has always had his own attitude, and sometimes he did not choose his words when criticizing certain things. However, the fact that he is currently the dominant force in F1 and a three-time champion gives him the right to speak freely about certain things.

Some do not agree with that, but there are still no concrete reactions to Verstappen's statements.
“No. That’s Max,” Chadwick said. “Everything he does, is just him. You’ve got to respect that. He’s a three-time world champion for a reason.

I have a lot of admiration for him. He is himself, at times, and I’m sure Red Bull are frustrated by the things he says. But we love it. He loves to race. He doesn’t care about the rest of it. That’s his focus.

He doesn’t care about what else is going on, but a lot of people do care about that. It has brought a lot of eyeballs to the sport this weekend”.

Max Verstappen