Charles Leclerc does not regret his approach at the race in Bahrain

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Charles Leclerc does not regret his approach at the race in Bahrain

Charles Leclerc does not regret the aggressive approach that led him to give up in the first lap of the last race in Bahrain, ruining the race for Max Verstappen and to some extent for Sergio Perez, because he believes that such an approach brought him a lot of points this year.

Leclerc led Ferrari to fourth place at the Sakhir Grand Prix with a fantastic qualifying lap despite not looking competitive all weekend, and on the eve of the race, he warned that they really do not have a car for such a high ranking and expects to fall in the standings.

On the brake for the fourth turn, Leclerc hit and twisted Perez, broke the front suspension, and forced Verstappen to avoid an incident causing the Red Bull driver to end up in the barriers, and the judges fined Leclerc three places for the next race in Abu Dhabi.


LeClerc believes that the judges had to react that way and that things did not turn out the way they should. However, he is aware that sometimes failure has to happen and that it is just a lesson for future situations in his life.

"I don't think I left the judges much choice," Leclerc was honest. "Because since I didn't finish the race they had to punish me somehow." "And the only thing they could do was punish me for the next race."

"It simply came to our notice then. But I think I won a lot in the first round in some races, which helped me win a lot of points this year. ” "Sometimes it happens that things don't turn out right, as was the case last weekend.

And it didn't turn out as it should in Austria at the beginning of the year [when it caused both Ferraris to give up by late braking for the third turn]. " "But in the end, I drove a lot of points earlier that way."

"I'll try to choose fights better because even if I overtook Max it wouldn't put us in a better position because Max was faster than us." "It simply came to our notice then. I will learn from that and that is it.

” Leclerc is sixth in the drivers ’standings with 98 points and two podiums, a point ahead of Sainz at McLaren who finished fourth last race. Now it remains for him to forget what happened and to focus on future races and try to win as many points as possible