Lando Norris' statement after being tested at the hospital

“An unfortunate end to our Las Vegas GP weekend"

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris' statement after being tested at the hospital
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Many remained concerned about the state of Lando Norris after the crash at Las Vegas. This great F1 driver lost control of the car and spun off into the barriers. Afterward, Norris had to go to the hospital and be tested to determine the severity of his injuries.

After things turned out to be good, Norris was discharged from the hospital. He immediately sent a message via social media and thanked for the messages of support. “Rough day. Big impact. But feeling okay! Thanks for all the messages, See you next weekend”.

- Norris wrote. Norris explained how the accident happened at the post-race press release. The fact is that he was unlucky this time. “An unfortunate end to our Las Vegas GP weekend,” he said, as quoted by!

“I just bottomed out on the restart, lost the rear and hit the wall. "

Lando Norris on his weekend

Norris and his team had big ambitions for the Las Vegas race. It was hard to guess what kind of race was waiting for them, considering that Las Vegas is a big unknown for everyone.

However, looking at the previous results, Norris hoped that they could continue at the same pace again. The young driver thanked the medical staff who were approachable and ready to help in any way. Now he is focused on the final race in Abu Dhabi.

It will be interesting to see how much his team can really do at this point. “Not the way we wanted the weekend to end, especially considering the pace looked promising on Oscar’s side. Big thanks go to the medical staff for checking me over, and to the team for the work they’ll now put in on the car.

One week to reset and go again for the season finale in Abu Dhabi”. Let's hope that we won't see scenes like this again.

Lando Norris